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Swedish Breeders

Rivers Angel Perchwater Wilchess
Cockerqueen's Support Embas
Fit For Fight's Seapower Guesswin's
Gladwin's Smokescreen's Choc Ice
Guldkulans Solid Harmony's Zeltzins
Line Sam Tadington's Bizzhaie
Love Cox's Wildflame's Westerner
Mighty Falls Tans & Tins Evermore
Liljebolmmans Twitchers Cockerblues
Fyrstjärnans Gracewood's Big Green Walley's
A' Special One Cockmix Wavecatcher
Westridge Pearl Harbours Näckrosdammen

Overseas Breeders

Hotsteps (Norge) Guldkrona (Norge) -

Swedish Friends

Annelis Cockrar Figo & Nibus Ploy's
Mozart och Lotus Madeleines Cockers Lordvincent
Faldo & Co Line Sam Memories Eddie & Angelica
Hysstroll  Samsons och Teddys Therese & Gus
Heather's Cocker Black & Tan Boys Spaniel Stugan
Travis&Chippen Vovven Viggo Gilljams Cockrar


Annelies Boxersida Hannas dogs Essmania's Eurasier
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