~ LILY ~


SVCh Blancock´s Lily Of The Valley
Reg Number: S10995/2005
Born: 2004-12-05
Hips: A
Eyes: UA
Optigen: Carrier
FN: Normal
Breeder: Blancock´s Kennel


Lily is born the 5 of december 2004. She was the one we would to keep because she was so like our first bitch, Lindy. She has been to some shows, and got some Hp. She became tracking champion in august 2006 after only 4 tracks. She has a sweet caracter, and we love her very mutch.



~ Pedigree ~


Amberway Action Man


Quettadene Footsteps (S)
Optigen A
Canigou Cambrai (S)
Quettadene Melissa (S)
Amberway touch of Quettadene (R) Quettadene Memento (S)
Beligar Black Satin at Amberway (S)

Line Sam Proud Memory

Line Sam Memories (R) Line Sam Total Recall (S)
Line Sam Knot of gold (R)
Line Sam Talk About Tan (SR) Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex (S)
Optigen A
Line Sam Name Of The Game (BRR)

~ Merits ~



BIS-R Valpklass I
BIR Valp
BIG 2:a Valpklass II
BT-placerad (reserv) NKK
UKL 1, UKK 3
UKL 1, Reserv HP
ÖKL 1, ÖKK Reserv


Godkänd Anlagsklass
Viltspårs Champion
6 x 1:a pris Öppenklass
8:e plats Årets Viltspårs cocker -06


7:a av totalt 11 hundar, 16,87 fel (Uddevalla BK)
1:a av totalt 6 hundar, 17,41 fel (Uddevalla BK)
4:a av totalt 13 hundar, 0 fel (Kungälvs BK)
9:a av totalt 38 hundar, 2,97 tidsfel (Kungsbacka BK)
5:a av totalt 20 hundar, 10 fel + 6,71 tidsfel (Stenungsunds BK)


Klass I: 2: placering: 3:a, 156,5 p
Klass I: 3: placering: 4:a, 136,5 p
Klass I: 2: placering: 4:a, 153,0 p
Klass I: 1: placering: 1:a, 171,0 p
Klass I: 2: placering: 2:a, 144,0 p

Årets Cocker

Allround cocker 6:e plats 2007
Lydnads cocker 17:e plats 2007
Agility cocker 20:e plats 2007