Young Lady Fragaria Vesca

Born: 1988-05-15
Dead: 2000-12-22

Reg Number: S39573/1988

A lovely familymember




I bought Lindy from kennel Young Ladys in Olofstorp in Gothenburg. She was my first dog. There was two red bitches and three boys, and Lindy was one of them.Her father was the unbelievable  Greentree Dont think Twice and she was very mutch alike him

Lindy was a typical one mans dog and she never went more than 5 meters from me. We went to puppie courses but then she and I hade no plans for training so she was a family member and our loved pet. 

1995 she got addissons disease and must take medicine for the rest of her life. The night of 22 december 2000 she died in my arms at the age of 12,5 years. I miss her very mutch



~ Pedigree ~

Greentree Dont Think Twice (R)

Greentree HopeŽn Success (R) Leavenworth Kissingsuccess (R)
Greentree Amalulu (R)
Greentree Nocculula (S) Greentree Distant-Drum (R)
Breentree Luchyday (S)

Young Ladys Avena Sativa (R)

Hubbestad Knick-Knack (R) Lochranza Farmer's Boy (R)
Hubbestad Kareena(R)
Lady (S) Lilleman (S)
Atti (S)